Intelligence Created / Mind Recreated – #1 Flight

Here is a little comparison of what Intelligence creates and then what the Mind recreates

Notice how firstly the mind needs to recreate things that are already in existence and also notice how mind created stuff is vastly inferior to what intelligence brings into being.


Intelligence Created – Flight


-Efficient, light, and capable of flying for long periods of time.

-Reads nature and uses wind patterns

-Feeds itself and equipped with organic GPS

-Heals itself when injured

-Recycles itself back into the earth when it’s time is up

-Is able to create offspring

-Builds a nest for housing purposes


Mind Recreated – Flight


-Made of metal and plastic and needs to be inspected after each flight if it’s capable of more


-Needs to be manually built

-Needs to be fixed by others

-Hard to dispose of after use is done

-Costs are astronomical to produce

-Took many years to finally create a working model


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