What is Real?

From a very mental standpoint the question of what is real might seem absurd to many people, because it’s easy to say to oneself that obviously what you SEE right in front of you is what is real. Have you ever taken the time to investigate this theory though?

It may appear that what is in front of you is what is real, but if you put a little research into this subject matter by going beyond the mind, turning inward – one of the things you will find is that the mind can really do a number on you and show you all types of additions on top of reality, but it does not show you actual reality.

It’s not a secret that people can see all types of different things in reality then you do, so if that is the case, then who sees reality in the most truest fashion? or is it possible that what we each just see, is our minds conceptualizations of reality? If each person just adds concepts onto reality, then it would be definitely possible that there would be infinite variations of how reality is perceived.

By this question of what is real, I am talking about what is reality right now in the present moment. What is real when you see a tree? What is real when you see an animal? What is real when you see a human? Are you seeing an outline with colors inside? Are you seeing an energy field? Is it just sensations and images? What is the fundamental reality of life outside of all concepts created by humans?

It’s very easy to just assume that the eyes are telling the truth, but remember that the things that you see have been all conceptualizations by your mind and what is seen is something way beyond what the mind has labeled it as being, pure reality is just being without needing an explanation or labels. A mind consumed individual will never get this because they need to figure things out, the mind is a figure-outer, but the paradoxical thing is that it will never be able to figure out what it is beyond it self with it self, and that is where what is real lies.

Here’s something to think about… the green little strands of matter that grow out of the ground aren’t really grass, you know that right? Someone showed you pictures and said some words and now you call it grass because in order to communicate to others, you can’t just really say “hey look at that piece of being” Everything is being, including that person that you’d be saying that to. The mind turns things into just a flat image with color, but your too busy to investigate this though because your stuck in mind games all your life.

The question really should be, what is real outside your conceptualizations, beliefs, ideas, etc.? What is real outside of your additions? Most people will never know this because they are run by their mind so greatly that they aren’t aware that all that they know and see is all just programmed material developed by other humans and placed on top of actual reality. They basically convince you that labeling on top of reality, is the best way to function on this planet. I am not saying that labeling isn’t useful, I am just saying that you don’t know life outside of those labels anymore, and that’s just sad.

Start noticing that the mind is a tool to use with this body on this physical world, but it’s just like any other tool, it’s useful for somethings but for other things, such as knowing truth and finding what is real, it is not. The mind is just computing constantly, creating additions on top of reality but additions can’t know reality because they are always going to be additions.

Once you let go of additions you start getting closer to what is real because what is real is what you get when you subtract everything that has been added to the fundamental reality that exists only in the present moment.

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