13 FULL MOON Fasts

I started off 2020 with the idea to fast on every full moon that comes this year. Not really sure why this happened, but if you have been following my journey you would have likely seen that I like to do all sorts of challenges on myself. I basically am an experiment, that’s how I … More 13 FULL MOON Fasts

What is Real?

From a very mental standpoint the question of what is real might seem absurd to many people, because it’s easy to say to oneself that obviously what you SEE right in front of you is what is real. Have you ever taken the time to investigate this theory though? It may appear that what is … More What is Real?

Fear be Gone – Deeper Understanding of FEAR

Have you ever looked into what Fear really is and how it works? If your like the average human you probably haven’t investigated into this manner with much depth, basically because your lazy and it’s not an easy thing to study, especially when the fear is concerning you. Through my thousands of hours of experimenting … More Fear be Gone – Deeper Understanding of FEAR