Humans are forgetful. We especially don’t remember that it took years of training to establish some kind of mastery over the body and mind, and its never the end.

Try to realize in your own experience that even the process of eating, which seems like it would be fairly easy to do, as it’s needed for the human’s very survival. Even this, took years for us to be able to get to a point where we were able to be self sufficient and add some tools to help with the process. It was no easy task to grab a spoon by the handle and face it in the proper direction. Next, maneuver it to the location of the food that is being picked up and tilt it to the proper angle for the pick up. Then, finally, to carry it over to the mouth without spilling or even missing it completely. If you don’t believe me, ask your parents, or just put some awareness on your life, and see that still as adults we spill shit all the time.

Using the human takes training. Both the physical and mental are areas where you have spend uncountable amounts of repetition to the point where you have been able to feel some kind of mastery. Some things came easier, but many where a struggle. Adults forget this simple truth and we also get consumed with the other part, the mind.

The mind is the other part that we think we are, rather than just seeing the mind as it is, a sort of super computer that allows the human to manipulate the world around us, store experiences, and make distinctions between things. We live in it and believe the nonsense it spews to us on a regular basis of our inadequacies compared to others.

Reflect back and remember that someone had to teach you that you have a nose. Maybe whoever was teaching you, gave you a book with words and images of body parts, maybe they played the game of, “I got your nose,” or maybe something completely different. The fact is that this was all a sort of training. This training allowed you to then make sense of what was being seen in your direct experience. There was also a name repeated over and over that was said to be you. You might have liked it or not, but there was a sort of tether being created to it. First, you link with the body, then the mind. You are now identified as a human, all the culmination of happenings in your direct experience become understood as you.

What I’m trying to express in this post is that you are malleable, and just because it seems like things cant change for you, they absolutely can, especially when you see that you are so much more than you think you are. If you are persistent in keeping the same identity because it keeps you feeling safe, then change will be small, but when you can drop the nonsense of the mind at times, you can connect to a more freeing space that allows you to play in all sorts of dimensions of YOURSELF that you may not even be aren’t aware of. The human experience has limits, but those limits are much less than what many people subject themselves to because of some beliefs that they drag behind them as if beliefs are some concrete thing as well.

A paperclip is a piece of wire with some coating that was shaped. You too can be shaped.

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