Fear be Gone – Deeper Understanding of FEAR

Have you ever looked into what Fear really is and how it works?

If your like the average human you probably haven’t investigated into this manner with much depth, basically because your lazy and it’s not an easy thing to study, especially when the fear is concerning you.

Through my thousands of hours of experimenting on myself, I have noticed something very interesting about fear.

The first thing that I noticed is that everyone is fearful of something, and the second thing I noticed is that people are fearful of different things.  When I looked deeper into this matter, I had a realization that fear is connected to your mind, and even more so with your mind created self.

The most interesting part that I realized about fear is that it can be diminished when you start seeing it on a deeper level.  Whatever your fear is, it is a mind created obstacle that you can overcome by becoming aware of it in the present moment.

So how do you do this?

You need to start noticing in your own experience that your fear is primarily caused by your minds thoughts (pictures and words) that it plays for you and also the sensations that it adds to create an even more life like feel.

Whatever your fear is, it’s just the trigger for the mind to start playing it’s grand fairy tale/nightmare which you get captured by.  The key is to be able to stay present in the current moment during the scary event as often as you can instead of living in the mind.


Lets take a look at the fear of heights for instance (insert your fear here instead)

For a person who is afraid of heights, whenever they are triggered by a situation where they are facing that fear, their mind comes in and starts playing all sorts of scenarios about what could happen in the future and what did happen in the past with a similar experience. Then it adds sensations in their body that link with their thoughts to further prevent them from facing that situation again which sometimes can feel quite powerful and draining.

If your interested in reprogramming yourself so that fears don’t prevent you from experiencing certain things in life, then the key is the present moment.  When you are faced with your fear event, make sure you really get present in the moment and try to notice how revved up your thoughts become and how they then couple with emotions.

No matter how powerful it all seems just put your attention into the now, not what your mind tells you could happen, or did happen, but just totally into your senses because they are there in your most direct experience.  Feel how your feet are touching the floor, the temperature of your skin, the smell in the room, the colors you see with your eyes, etc.  When you put your attention into your senses, your minds hold starts weakening and from there you can slowly at least face the fearful event for a couple seconds, until again your mind grabs hold by sucking you back into it’s maybe’s or if’s.

This isn’t a one time thing, and it will take a ton of effort because most likely you don’t meditate on a frequent basis and therefore haven’t developed the skill of observing yourself outside of your mind.  The mind is powerful and mostly your sucked into it’s games and even more so during a fearful event.

Ask yourself why some people are afraid of somethings and not of others, while other people are afraid of completely other things? It’s because each person has a totally different upbringing and fear is a program that has been downloaded through their development and now every time a similar situation occurs to the event that started the fear program, the mind tries to “protect you”, or more truthfully confine you in a box.

No matter the fear that holds you back, there is a way out and it starts by learning how to separate from your mind.





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