Thing/Space(Nothing) Consciousness

Are you aware of the difference between thing and space consciousness?  Most people in society have primarily all their focus throughout their entire life on thing consciousness, meaning that all they see is things (cars, trees, animals, rocks, etc).

It’s nice to be able to see things, but have you ever made it a conscious priority to became aware of space (nothing)?  If you start putting your attention on the nothing that surrounds all things, you will quickly see that it’s everywhere and it’s much more vast then the things that are in the space.

If this nothing is everywhere and in everything, then might it be that this nothing is kind of important, as it seems that it connects everything and at the same time allows things to exist?

If there was no nothing, how would you be able to move or even exist? Have you ever thought of that?

These questions that I am proposing to you aren’t so that your mind can come in and try to figure out the answer concretely, it’s for you to just be open enough for the possibility that nothing might just be a very important aspect in life and it might be beneficial to spend sometime connecting to this nothing.

It is important also to notice that all the internal functions that occur for you, such as thoughts and emotions are as well things and if there was no space inside of you, then these too could not exist. So you see, this space or nothing is everywhere and yet it is very rarely given any attention by you.

I can tell you that after spending a ton of time examining this for myself, the amazing thing is that this space, this nothing is super powerful and if you want to understand this world through a deeper level, I suggest putting in some time and effort into learning how to connect with this space (nothing) consciousness and allowing it to teach you life.

thing and nothing -

Take a look at the image above and notice that there is much more white space, then there is black space inside the broken line rectangle. The black cirlce represents a thing, the white space represents space itself or nothing.  Notice as well that there is nothing inside the thing as well.

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