Learning Higher Truths Through the Natural

Have you ever noticed that when you spend a lot of time in nature that you start becoming more calm, relaxed, and at peace?

This is because when you are constantly surrounded by man made things, your brain goes into overdrive and is trying to make sense and understand all that it is exposed to. Your brain activity becomes non stop because the mind is like a super computer and it’s function is to analyze, calculate, and interpret all that it sees.

When you give yourself space from all the human alterations of reality, your mind activity slows down as it cannot understand nature through it’s conceptualizations, nature is beyond that. Although for some people who are deeply captured by their mind activity, it will even try to understand nature as well.

This is why it is so crucial to start spending time outside of man made things and going back into the natural frequently.  Through the natural you start entering higher dimensions of existence, which allow you to start seeing things outside of just human conceptualizations.

Only when you start reaching life outside of your minds creations, including the mind made creation of yourself, you can start reaching deeper and more fundamental truths.

By no means is this a thing that you have to do, but if the truth of who/what you are is an important discovery for you, then spending more time is nature should be made a priority, or otherwise you will never escape your minds endless games and you will continue to just see the world through the ways it allows you to.

When you are stuck in mind processes, peace, stillness, joy, happiness, will all be things that the mind will promise for you in the future, which you will quickly realize that the future is just an empty promise.

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artwork done by me 🙂


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