Yoga – because it just makes sense!

As your consciousness of life continues to expand, you will start to realize that your body can be used as a portal to see even more deeply into the truth of all there is.

Today, yoga seems to be used mostly as just an exercise that people do on a weekly basis to gain more physical flexibility. While this is a great first step for beginners, it is important to understand that yoga is a practice that is intended to go beyond the physical and teach you how to merge life into one – unity.

The key thing to understand is that until you are able to touch a deeper dimension to life, you will always live through duality, and the limitations that come with it.

If you take a look at life from a different perspective, such as that we are multi-dimensional beings, you will quickly realize that adjusting your body in certain studied postures allows for greater connectivity to deeper dimensions.  Think of your body as if it were an antenna, if you turn it in the right ways the reception becomes much greater then if it is faced the complete opposite way.

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Another common sense way of looking at why yoga might be a good idea for you is that you use your body everyday in all types of ways, right? Well if so, doesn’t it just makes sense that if you use your body that you also put the same effort into allowing it to re-calibrate itself for the next use.  Just take a look at an animal for instance… when in wakes up it always does some stretching postures, but yet you as a human who are constantly on your feet probably maybe just go to the gym, and there you are still using your body in extreme ways. So my question to you is when do you allow your body to connect back to it’s source and heal itself?  I assume probably only when you sleep.

Now doesn’t it seem obvious why many people when they get to being over 60 years old can barely walk when they have never taken a minute out of there day to give back to their body?

Whatever your intention for your life is, you should consider adding yoga to it because it can help you in all sorts of amazing ways, especially if you get out of mainstream yoga and use it on a deeper level.

The best part about yoga is that it’s free, all you really need to have in order to do it, is a body and probably you have one of those 🙂





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