The Link Between Consciousness and Healthy Food

Have you ever noticed in your own experience that the foods that you choose to eat and how much are directly linked to how conscious you are at the time of choosing them, eating them, and after the fact?

Our society in general is super low conscious still (meaning people do things without much awareness of why they are doing it) and you can see this by the foods that are made popular by the masses and the amounts of the food that people are consuming.

People struggle with themselves on such a regular basis that eating food has become a means to try and reconcile their suffering.  I am by no means saying that you cannot enjoy the foods that you eat, but when the foods that you eat are poisoning your body so much that you need to take pills in order to feel better after and during eating it, then it might mean that it’s time to re-evaluate your strategy on eating.

A key insight of self-mastery/consciousness work is the realization that the higher consciousness that you live through, the smarter decisions you make in all areas of your life, especially on FOOD.

Most people are stuck in their mind when they make decisions on food, while they are eating the food, and after they finished eating the food.  When all your attention is sucked into the mind, then it’s hard for you to notice what your body is telling you during the whole process of eating.  Your basically just programmed and you do what the programs tell you to do. The more you raise your consciousness level though, the more your attention and awareness goes back into the totality of the present moment, meaning you aren’t just mind choosing and eating, you are doing it from a deeper dimension which is way more intelligent then what your mind recycles to you.

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When you start touching deeper dimensions of life, and not just listening to your mind, you will not be so inclined to cheering yourself up through food.  If you struggle with food, then you need to start becoming totally conscious every time you choose the food, eat the food, and the way you feel after eating it.  This way you will notice that when you eat unhealthy foods, and large quantities of food, your body will give you signs that it’s not a smart practice to continue.  You will still get tempted by your mind to eat them again, but the more times you become aware of how you feel during and afterwards the fact, the greater chance you will have against your programming.

Another important part is that you need to start questioning your mind about why you eat food, and why you eat certain foods? When you start questioning yourself, you start opening a door outside of your programming and start getting closer to fundamental truths.  Isn’t it crazy that you just eat food based on what others told you was good, or because it just tastes good? Don’t worry your not the only person that does this, but isn’t it quite silly that the thing that basically keeps you alive, and running smoothly is determined by others and not by your own observations.

Take charge of your own life and start allowing your intelligence to tell you what is needed to sustain you, rather then just being a brainwashed zombie.



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