intelligence vs knowledge

Have you ever taken the time to observe the basic functions of the mind? and through it seen it’s limitations?

The mind basically thrives on acquiring knowledge, and the funny part is that it’s not necessarily to make your life any better, or find deeper truths of life, but usually to compete against other minds based on all it’s gatherings.  It makes you believe that if you know more information then someone else, you are then more adequate, special, worthy, or whatever else you are promised by it.

The truth is that it’s an amazing thing that we have this super computer know as the mind that we can use to acquire knowledge, but what you have been asleep to, is that you have become it’s prisoner.  The mind now uses all the knowledge that you have been feeding it to distract you from living in the world as is, and rather you are now living in a world that the mind makes you believe should be.

Only when you start to take the time to get to the bottom of what you are fundamentally will you be able to see that there is something far more greater than knowledge and that is deeper intelligence.  By intelligence I don’t mean about how smart you are using your knowledge, by intelligence I mean a greater power that is operating in this universe and one which is available for anyone to tap into if learned how.

Knowledge is great for doing trivia, building some stuff, and understanding man made things, but it will never get you to see life for what it is fundamentally.  Tap into the most inner dimension by going within and you will see an intelligence at work that can never be understood intellectually by the mind, as your mind created you is what is blocking this intelligence from shining through.



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