You are God!

You are God!
(not a man or women in the clouds) but infinity in all directions.

At your core you are god (this infinity), in your current state you are a piece of god (piece of infinity). The piece doesnt see that it is god because it has to break away to be a piece.

Whatever you do, who ever you are, you are still god at your core and a piece of god living now. When you die you become god, because you already were god, but just you broke away temporarily from infinity.

Death is just going back to god (infinity).

Everything is god and nothing is god.
Good, bad, right, wrong, ugly, smart, funny, stupid, evil, pretty, short, tall, rich, poor, sun, moon, hurricane, water, bugs, dog, cat, rain, sound, colors, feelings, thoughts, etc.
These are all part of god because all is included in infinity.  It’s impossible to make a list of infinity, so hope that gets the point across.

This is clearly evident in all aspects of life but the problem is that your lazy and too distracted to search and you just believe things that you gather through mere knowledge, which is a function of the mind and that is just again one fragmented piece of god.

You are stuck in your break away piece of god and now your trying to collect all of infinity one by one through physical objects. The physical world is just one piece of god, but you spend practically all your time there trying to become god. This doesn’t work obviously if you haven’t noticed yet because how can you collect all of infinity when you are one piece of it?  Look inwards, merge with your full godliness again consciously and then enjoy the physical world.

Wake up or die…either one will show you this truth.

This is what all religions point to at their core if you look past all their propaganda.

Knowing this will do very little for you because the mind will grab hold of this knowledge and either recite it to others like you know more then them or it will just be forgotten quickly. True growth is when you actually experience this first hand by merging your piece of god back to the total. From there it can do a lot for you because the way you will start seeing the world and all it’s pieces will be in a much deeper fashion.

Example…when you experience that another is god as well as you are, then consciously hurting them is almost impossible.

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