Truth, it’s Distorted!

Have you ever realized that whenever you communicate with another person, the information will always be distorted in someway?

This will always be the case because just like a simple game of broken telephone shows us, is that even the simplest information passed through other people will always end up being distorted through their minds way of interpreting the information they received.  Each individual is different and sees the world in a completely unique fashion even though society tries to make it seem as if we are all very similar.  Another reason this is the case, is that the mind is a great and powerful instrument but it only sees things partially and when you just see a part of something, how can you ever know the total? This is especially true when the total is way beyond the mind.

The Truth is no different, and by Truth I don’t mean if someone is lying to you what they did yesterday or who they hung out with. By Truth I mean the fundamental Truth of who or what you are and what reality is.

Distorted Truth -

You know that our language is made up by our minds right? It was created by us to be able to communicate simple things to each other and build a civilization.  Now unfortunately though, many people believe that with this language you can know the Truth of life, but how can that be true when this language is just symbols that have been overlay-ed on top of reality to make our lives easier?

To know actual Truth, fundamental Truth that is, one must take an inner journey to their core and to do that one must learn how to dis-identify with their mind created self as that is exactly what is keeping them stuck from seeing and experiencing this Truth.  People can point you to this Truth but until you actually put in the work yourself, then all you will see of the world is partial views that are distorted through other people.

Remember that many people live life from low consciousness, meaning they only see life bit by bit through their mind.  If you want a deeper understanding then it might be time to start merging the bits together by letting go of the mind and seeing through oneness.


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