Alertness – a key component in consciousness work!

One of the most powerful tools that you possess is the ability to be ALERT.

It may seem like it’s not really that important normally, but in consciousness work alertness is what allows you to spot the mind’s subtle trickery.

Being alert allows you to observe in real time the switches between conscious and programmed/unconscious behavior.

By alert I don’t mean being anxious for something to happen, by alert I mean being totally present in every moment that is now.  Think of a cat or dog waiting for their owners to return home or waiting to be fed, as soon as that moment occurs the pet is alert.

This is the same type of alertness that one must learn to cultivate in order to stay conscious.  The main challenge is distraction, as it is the minds greatest weapon on keeping you unconscious.  Distraction comes in various forms, it can be mind created – which is you living in your mind stories (past or future) or it can be done with objects -one of the most obvious objects that you and the rest of the world are distracted by, is your mobile device. Yes you can argue that you’re doing work, but that too could be considered a distraction, although lets not talk about that here.  Lets just say that society is filled with all sorts of distractions and instead of making consciousness a priority, people get lost in those distractions, sometimes for their entire lives.  The question is are you one of those people that has become permanently distracted? Be honest with yourself, I don’t really care if you are.  If your mind is coming up with excuses right now, then there is your answer.

Although to get the real answer to that question, just become your own experiment today and use your ALERTNESS to observe yourself in each present moment. If actually do this you will quickly notice that you aren’t home, meaning that you’re never really ever in the present moment – you are distracted.

Alertness is a skill that could be learned and mastered, but for most people it serves very little purpose as consciousness and truth means very little to them.  Don’t be one of these people if you seek meaning and fulfillment in your life.  Be alert, always.


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