Humaning (Fishing for Humans) – What Humans would do if they were aliens.

Have you ever taken the time to step out of yourself and notice how unconscious humans are? This includes you as well by the way.  The average person lives primarily their entire life in “me mode” (seeing the world through their own beliefs, ideas, concepts, etc.) they only see what they want to see and therefore aren’t viewing the world from a truer/bigger picture.

Since our advances in technology have been so monumental, our mind tricks us into believing that we are such an amazing conscious species, yet what we do to not only other creatures on this planet, but ourselves can only be identified as unconsciousness.

A human has no natural predators, yet the amount of human deaths caused by foolish humans to other humans is absurd. Not to mention the amount of death humans impose on other creatures just because we believe that it is our right to.

Humaning -


Sometimes I wish that aliens or another species would exist that are smarter, bigger, and just as unconscious as us, so that we can get a taste of our own medicine.  That wouldn’t help anything of course, it’s just a thought.

Now imagine if we get to the stage that we can fly to other worlds routinely, we are going to bring this idiotic unconscious behavior everywhere we go.  As long as a species is smaller then us, it will be our food, play toy, and whatever other use that we can think of with our unconscious little brain.

It’s funny how there are countless of blockbuster films made about alien species coming to invade earth and the humans must band together to stop them.  I think that it’s time to start showing a more likely truth and that is of humans invading other planets and destroying those worlds.

The goal of this post isn’t to put down humans, it’s just to open your eyes to the obvious truth that we are very unconscious and unless we start making it a priority to raise the consciousness level of our planet, there might not be one for much longer.


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