The Leaves are still the Tree.

Have you ever taken the time and just observed a tree for a while? If you have then you could have gotten some valuable insights on life.

One of these insights that a tree can teach you is that the leaves, branches, fruit and whatever else grows on that tree are still the tree, yet they each have their own unique perspective on life.

You might be asking yourself how the hell is that an insight and useful to anyone?

Well it all depends on what you value in life.  If it’s just physical growth then things like this will never interest you much, but if it’s finding fundamental truth and living from there, then insights like this could be super valuable.

Many of us forget that we are part of something way bigger than ourselves.  From a very small view you just see a human, but from a higher perspective this human is no different than a leaf, a branch or the other parts of a tree. It too is part of something more total.

A leaf doesn’t see itself, and therefore can’t notice that it’s also the tree.  You can see yourself and can start unlocking the infinite perspectives from which you can view life.

Don’t just be too busy stuck in (things, the mind, the yourself) or you will miss actual reality.  The closer that you stay to what is fundamentally real, the greater your ability will become to see life from a total perspective, not just the leaf view that you are seeing through now.  Enjoy being the leaf, but remember that your the branches, the bark, the roots, the fruit, as well.

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