Who am I?

Asking questions of yourself could be a huge stepping stone in finding deeper truths of existence.

Isn’t it funny how we just assume that we know who/what we are?  and then we just live our lives never really going back and asking deep questions to double check if we really know the actual truth.

Have you ever thought about this? or are you just distracted by society and all it’s shiny things?

The thing is that when you just assume that you know what or who you are, you basically just have stepped into a cage, locked the door, and gave the mind the key.  Now you just scream from the window once and a while and hope that someone will unlock you from the prison you choose to be in.

When you ask questions of yourself that are deep, and start observing, you start seeing that the mind is full of nonsense and actually has no clue of who/what you are.  It just has some ideas and concepts that it’s made into beliefs and now you recite them as if they are the truth.

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You are not your body and you are not your mind.  Actually investigate this for yourself and don’t just believe it, as that will not help anything.  To grasp the depth of this fact you must question the mind for yourself.  Take a couple of minutes, sit down and ask yourself some of these questions…

If i’m the body where am I located?
If a piece of my body is taken away do I still exist?
If i’m the mind where am I located? (ask the mind to pinpoint your location)
Where do I exist at this moment?

For this to be an effective practice, you will have to do this exercise multiple times and it will help if you’ve had some meditation experience.  If you don’t have meditation experience you will fall victim to the mind because it will answer these questions for you and since your consumed by the mind, you will believe those answers and fall back into it’s game.  It’s important to know that you are not looking for an intellectual answer right now, you are observing how flimsy your mind ideas it comes up with on who/what you are.  Once you can spot that the mind has no solid answer, you have created a separation from it and for a brief second, you have dis-identified from your mind.  This will not last for long and once again you will fall asleep and believe what the mind has always told you.

This is a good first step and could be a monumental one to raising your level of consciousness and maybe one day even reaching enlightenment.

Most of the world is asleep in their own mind’s bullshit, are you?




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