Beliefs are LIMITing your life

If you ask average people to name some of the most important things in life, one of the common answers will undoubtedly be their beliefs.

Many people get caught up in this idea of thinking that beliefs are something fundamental and truthful, yet people believe in all types of airy fairy things and barely ever question them.

If you actually take sometime and research what a belief really is, you will quickly find that it is a deep ingrained thought. The problem with that is that thoughts are very fictitious a lot of the time, yet they can seem very truthful. An example of this is the belief that God is some white dude with a beard sitting in the clouds. This might seem ridiculous to you, but many people still believe that this is what God is. Another example is Santa Clause, as adults we know that Santa Clause isn’t real, yet kids below a certain age truly are fooled that he exists.

I know what your thinking, “but my beliefs are different, they are real” okay who told you that they are real? I know, your mind told you and you just believe what your mind tells you and that is the problem. Or you just believe other people’s mind because it’s more wide spread and they did some “research”. Just because people put an idea into the masses, doesn’t mean it’s anymore truthful then the belief that you hold. Remember the world is consumed by their minds, most average humans have never questioned their own minds, as consciousness work and self inquiry is not a common practice in society.

Now that maybe I have got your attention, just look at your own life and admit to yourself that beliefs shape your life in a huge way. It can be in simple things as the food that you choose to eat, the people you hangout with, the music you listen to, all the way to what you think is real and not. The whole point of this post is for you to just see that beliefs are limiting and even though they are useful in some instances, they must be let go of if you want to expand your consciousness to the highest depths possible.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t believe in things anymore, it just means that you need to take those beliefs with a grain of salt and question them often.

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