SPORTS are a Distraction created by the Mind to Keep You from seeing Deeper Truths of Life.

Sports are mostly always looked at from a self perspective, but if you
ever decide to look at sports from a deeper level here is what you will find.

Most people just assume that sports are fun games that people made up, play, and now can even make a living from. The actual reality is that sports just like many things in society today have become a distraction created by the collective mind for the purpose to prevent humans from looking within and realizing their true fundamental nature.

I am not arguing that sports aren’t fun, aren’t useful, and that they can teach valuable lessons, what I am pointing to is that they ultimately are a mind creation and with that being the case, they are preventing people from seeing the truth, and that is that the mind has consumed humanity, and therefore people are now mostly living in illusion and thereby suffering tremendously without need.

This is all coming from a person that has spent their entire life being engulfed in sports – in tennis – to be more specific. I was so consumed in the sport that my sense of self was even constructed by it and this is why I am capable of seeing how enormous of a challenge it is to even convince one person on how sports are a distraction and not always this great thing.

My whole life was committed to tennis, I played national and future tournaments, got a tennis scholarship to a DII school in Michigan and coached many really good players. I worked for Cliff Drysdale Tennis where I got to hit with former world number 1’s and many high caliber players. I coach many amazing athletes and eventually was even offered a directors position to be in charge of my own club.

I’m telling you that back story not to brag about how good I was, but to show you that my whole life was based in sport and thereby the attachment to this field was very strong and whenever someone would try to open my eyes to the fact that sports aren’t always this great thing, and actually they can prevent one from seeing the greatest thing of all, ones actual true nature outside of all mind additions – in this case sport.

This isn’t just with playing sports either, it’s just as much of a distraction when one is a spectator of sports. Since sports are a creation of the mind, they are always going to be used by the mind to keep you distracted from seeing outside of it, which is where actual truth resides. Think of how many people in the world today are consumed in sport, whether it’s playing, training, watching, betting, competing, debating, commentating. It all is mind activity and when not careful it really consumes and can distract a person from looking at fundamental truths of life and that is just a shame because most of our suffering is created from living in the fiction of our own minds.

Are you consumed by sport? Have you or do you spend most of your life in some aspect of it? Do you think that sports are the be all of life? Is your happiness in life dependent on you, a player or a specific team doing well?

These are important questions to ask of yourself because you just might be distracted by your mind from missing some of the most valuable truths that exist in life and by knowing them, ones life can become transformed to one of higher degrees of consciousness, which brings peace, joy, and love without needing any other things such as sport to bring them.

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