Owning something is IMPOSSIBLE – All is unownable when seen through TRUTH

You have been dooped into believing something that isn’t true. Most of the world has and now many are suffering tremendously for this lie that has been spread and is continually perpetuated by the collective mind.

How can something really be owned? and if so, better yet by a you that isn’t even real.

Really take a moment and contemplate this for a second.

Firstly, let’s take a look at what owning something is first of all – it mean’s having something as one’s own.

So now lets see if there is anything that you can really have in this life as your own. Last time I checked, the only way this could ever be possible is if humans created stupid rules that such a thing as owning anything is possible. Think about this… you don’t even own your body, even that is being temporarily given to you.  When even that isn’t yours, how can anything else be?

The problem is that many people believe that they are their mind and body because they never ever look deeper to find actual truth of life and then from that standpoint one can be dooped into believing anything, including this notion that things can be owned in actual reality.

Things can only be owned in mind manipulated reality, which is just basically a structure that humans create and place on top of actual reality and now have been deluded into thinking that is how life works.

Now obviously i’m not saying go and get rid of all your stuff, i’m just trying to open your mind to the possibility that when you start looking at life from a different level, a truer one, a lot of lies start getting exposed.  These lies torture people and even cause them to do unimaginable things to the planet, other beings, and themselves.

You can still have a house, car, wife, husband, kids, and all the gadgets you want, but try to start realizing that you are not really the owner of any of these things, they are just experiences that are currently there, that is all.  Knowing this won’t help much either, because that again is a mind thing which lives in the same lie as you believing that you own things.  If you want this insight to actual have an impact, you must have a direct experience of this truth that nothing can be owned.

This is where it’s up to you to do the work, nobody else.  Good luck if you decide to journey to truth, or if your happy living in the delusion of the mind then enjoy that as well.


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