Unconscious ME vs Conscious ME – Stats

I have been working on raising my consciousness for 4 years now and here are the things that I have been able to notice through this journey.

Unconscious ME:

-Always stuck in the mind
-Feeling unworthy
-Eating and drinking unhealthy foods
-Drinking alcohol often
-Doing what society does
-Watching a lot of porn
-In fear
-Competing against others
-Attached to possessions
-Constantly lying to myself and others
-The main focus in life was to make a lot of money
-Secretly needing to know more than others
-Many tough days
-Annoyed with challenges
-Scared of death

Although all these items listed above seem negative, they were all needed to be experienced, and are the reason why I even started working on becoming more conscious.

One must experience life on the external world fully and be totally emersed in it in order to realize eventually that no matter what is accomplished, it will never be enough to satisfy the mind and be fulfilled.

One must start raising their consciousness to find Truth and below is the list of items that have changed for me when I started walking on this path.


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Conscious ME:

-Frequently at peace
-Switched to a vegan lifestyle
-Daily yoga
-Daily meditation
-Deeper connections with others
-Removing addictions (Porn, Junk food, Low conscious entertainment, etc)
-Less fear
-Frequent realizations
-Non-attached to things
-Living from authenticity
-Doing things to help others and raise consciousness
-Not being attached to knowledge
-Increased open-mindedness
-Seeing more depth and life in the world
-Just enjoying existing
-Fewer tough days
-Able to respond to challenges much more easily
-Accepted death

Of course, there are still the occasional things that come up and make life challenging, but the way one approaches these things is night and day when becoming more conscious.  Out of all the achievements in my life so far, raising my consciousness is so far beyond everything else that it’s impossible to explain to someone who has not already started this journey.  It’s not even an achievement because it’s just Truth, and no outer things can compare to Truth.

To a person that is consumed by their mind and not realized who they are yet, this list might seem airy-fairy because it seems like living in such a way is just boring and blah, but think as you wish as that thinking is what is preventing you from living life in a much deeper way.

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