What’s Missing?

Have you ever asked yourself this question before, What’s Missing in this Moment?

This is a great question especially when you have been floating around in mind space (Future and/or Past) for way too long and have gotten stuck there-believing your mind that life sucks and that there is so much missing in your life.

Remember that the mind is never satisfied with anything, and it will continue to come up with countless missings in your life no matter what is gained, if you continue to be trapped in it’s fiction. In REALITY though, if you actually take the time to contemplate this question…What’s Missing in this Moment? You will find that in fact nothing is actually ever missing. All is how it needs to be, always.

If this realization can be experienced even once deeply, it can have a huge shift in your life because the mind will never stop with trying to finding something missing in any situation, and you will keep getting sucked into this trap many more times then is ever needed.

When you’re sucked into traps, it’s nice to have tools to be able to break out of them. This question…What’s Missing in this Moment? is a tool one can use when needed.

Just like any tool in life, you must first get familiar with how it works and get comfortable using it. Once you practice using this question often, you will become quite masterful with it and with that will come much more peace and joy in each moment.

This is just a suggestion based on my own observations, so if you want to try it out then do so.  If you don’t use this method that is fine of course too, but at least then just observe for yourself how your mind is continuously finding missings in everything.

The saddest part in all of this is that the only thing that is actually missing is you seeing actual real life now, which is never missing anything, EVER.

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