A Solo Meditation Camping Retreat – 5 Nights/6 Days, 33 hours (Vegan)

Recently, I embarked on a Solo Meditation Camping Retreat for 5 nights.  It allowed me to get out of all the chaos of the mind created world and get back to a more natural one.  During this ESCAPE, I did about a total of 33 hours of Meditation sits and below I share my journey.

The retreat was done at a Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada during more of the offseason which allowed for a more quiet and deserted experience.

During this time I spent about 7 hours a day meditating formally and during the rest of time focusing on mindfulness in all tasks that were done. Basically, it was 4 full days and 2 half days, since the two days were traveling and putting up and taking down the equipment.

Each night I created a Video Recap which can all be seen below. They briefly summarize the day and talk about some things that were done.

Each sit was also journaled with more depth and those entries can be seen below as well.

I also added some pictures from the journey that you might like.

Hope you enjoy!

On a side note, I am vegan so the whole trip was just eating mostly fruits and vegetables.

Vlog 1

Vlog 2

Vlog 3

Vlog 4

Vlog 5

Day 1 – Journal Entry

Day 2 – Journal Entry – 1st Full Night

Day 3 – Journal Entry – 2nd Full Night

Day 4 – Journal Entry – 3rd Full Night

Day 5 – Journal Entry – 4th Full Night

Day 6 – Journal Entry


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