It’s time to FLOWER – Competition is limited

Have you ever realized that competition is a mind creation and that it is causing people to live a life full of unnecessary suffering?

Many people will respond to this with… but if there was no competition nothing would ever get done and progress would be very minimal in our world.

Do you believe that? Do you just do things as a competition against others?

If you take time to investigate into the matter of competition, you will find that competition is only present when one is living just from the level of the mind and in fact, NO, people don’t just do things because they need to do better than another person, but they do them from creation, the need to create.  This includes you.

It is only because people are stuck in their minds all their life, that competition is what drives them to get ahead in this world. The mind is only ever satisfied if it is better than others (duality – self vs other) When one learns to go beyond their mind, they become free of the burden to be better than others (oneness – all is one) and then they just create from the love of creating.  If you ask any good artist, they will tell you that they create because they need/love to, not because they are trying to create better art than another artist.

I’m not saying you cannot compete, I am just letting you know that when you are stuck in the mind, competition will consume you and be your driving factor in life.  This will be in sports, in school, in activities, in possessions, in social media, in relationships, in business, etc.  When you are living consumed by the mind, you are living in duality and from there, there is always a need to be better than another.  Yet the ultimate truth is that no matter who you are, you are = to everyone else (a bum, a janitor, the president, a celebrity, a criminal, and even God himself/herself) Don’t believe me though, investigate this for yourself.  Once you actually have an experience of this truth, then who are you competing against?

Our world today is built on competition, we live in a mind dominated world.  We definitely created some cool things, but you also have to admit that it is very dysfunctional.

This way that we have done things through the mind will not be sustainable much longer, as the earth’s resources are depleting quite quickly and the population of humanity is only increasing at a quicker rate than ever before.  It is time that we need to address and level up the state of consciousness of the planet so that we can start creating from intelligence, rather than from just the need to be better.  It’s time for Flower Power.

Just like when Mario picks up a glowing flower in Mario Bros and becomes way more powerful than he is before, it’s time for us humans to do the same by learning to go beyond our limitations, going beyond our minds.

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