HEAVEN and HELL – a Mind Delusion

Are you still caught up living in this fantasy of trying to get to Heaven, while avoiding going to Hell?

Are you attending church or some other type of institution just to better your odds of doing so?

If this is still in the back of your head and your life is about labeling actions and people as good and bad compared to yourself and others in order for you to have a better chance of getting into that magical paradise called Heaven, then I have some bad news for you because all that is a sham.

The mind creates all sorts of delusions and this is one of the biggest of all.  It’s super grandiose because it’s also perpetuated by the collective mind which makes it even more deceptive and harder to break out of.

One must really put in some effort into investigating what is ULTIMATELY TRUE in order to get an experience of this first hand.  You can know this intellectually like many do, but even that won’t help much since still, you will be living in the Hell of the mind as you currently are.  You will also have some Heavenly experiences here and there but those are very infrequent and don’t last very long.

Why does this happen, well it’s because ultimately you are ONE with everything, but since the physical is dual then one gets broken into two and so on and then you get deluded into believing that if you chase one, the other will not follow.  When living in duality the future is that way as well and therefore the search for Heaven and the avoidance of Hell.

Merge yourself back into ONE and this silly game will cease to exist and torture your physical existence no more.



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