Can you love a mosquito?

This may sound like a silly question to you and the answer to this question for most people would be why in hell would I love those bloodsuckers? All they do is bite and buzz in my ear. Possibly I can appreciate them from a great distance but that’s about it.

The truth though is that if you can’t even love a mosquito then you haven’t realized what true absolute love is yet. Sure you love things, but mostly that is very convenient love. True love isn’t what is convenient to you, true love exists when you remove the you and can merge back to infinite consciousness, cause that’s love. From there You can love anything cause it’s all You.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you must go out in the forest and allow them to feast on your blood and like it. I am saying though that if it was the case can you even love that? It sounds crazy I know, but it’s the truth. The truth isn’t convenient, it’s just what is there when you strip all the gatherings away. Try it some time it’s quite nice to be a nothing and be able to love everything.

The issue is that the default position for the majority of the world is to only love things that are connected to one’s sense of self and that are easy. This means your kids, your pet, your husband or wife, or partner, maybe a couple of friends and whatever else you included in being part of “your” life. Outside of that, the mind will not allow a person to love things unconditionally and absolutely because they aren’t included into the boundary the mind created of the self. Also, notice that ones love fluctuates quite often when those loved ones get on your nerves or don’t do what you want.

Only if you start expanding what you consider to be your self, will you then be able to start including more and more of the world, until one day you can obliterate the boundary of self and other and unite with everything. You will then come from a new position and that is of total inclusiveness and that means even including a mosquito as yourself and therefore loving it because in the deepest level it is also You.

When this merge with unity happens don’t expect that all of a sudden you will go out and be buddy buddy with mosquitos either. The fact of reality is that mosquitos love blood and humans have blood, so chances are that when a mosquito sees you they will still come for a taste. The question is can you stay conscious when this act is happening and can you become so much the entire experience that even such a happening as this can be loved on some level.

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