Solo Camping Trip (Yoga – Meditation)

Recently, I went on a solo camping trip for 3 nights and here is a little recap and some photos from my trip.

For many of you, you probably have never gone on your own solo trip, so this might give you a glimpse of what it would be like. Also, seeing this might lessen the fear for you to do your own experience one day.

I went to a Provincial Park, you can book everything online, so it’s pretty easy. It’s not too pricey either, you just need to invest in some camping equipment.

This spot was in a cool dune area. Pretty much feels like you are living on the beach for a couple of nights, which is quite amazing! The sounds, smells, feels, sights, it’s like a total surrounding of yourself with the elements. You connect to earth, fire, water, air, and space all at the same time, so just imagine how you feel spending a couple of days being there.

The first night was really cool because there was a storm. Might not sound fun for you, but I pretty much surrender to life, so what comes just is and when you accept that, you can enjoy any experience.
Before it came to the campsite, it was over the water and sitting at night on the beach and watching lightning strikes is stunning. Just the power of energy that nature can bring is beautiful and strong. Just observing things such as a storm can get you back to realizing who you are and the connection to life that you have.

I spend so much time just being. A bug lands on me, I observe it, I don’t just react in a programmed fashion and shew it away. I connect with it, I allow it to enter my space and thus a sort of union happens with it temporarily. Not every bug is trying to kill you, just like not every human is trying to kill you either. Be kind, when you can be.

Another nightly connection is observing fire, if you can just melt into it and allow it to mesmerize you with its light show and it’s warmth, you will see that it’s always a part of you. That same fire lives in you, as you are made up of the elements.

In the same nightly darkness, you put your attention into the sky and can be shown a vastness that exists that will blow your mind if you can truly see it. Let the space transport you to the beyond that exists as well in you.

Sitting on the beach, watching the water, hearing the sounds, feeling the wind, all this can be a way to allow life to take away from what is not you and show you the truth.

One of the other reasons why I do these solo retreats is because I love being alone. That’s not to say I do not enjoy being with others, I really do, but being alone teaches you the most. If you can handle being alone for long periods of time, it can show you so much. If you can’t handle being alone, then you have to admit that you aren’t good company because not even you wants to hang out with you haha. Most people are constantly in a relationship, or needing someone attached to their hip because they are so uncomfortable to be by themselves.

Below are some pictures and videos of some of the stuff I was doing, enjoy!

Surya Namaskar – Alternate Nostril Breathing
Twirling Fun
Slo-mo Handstand Practice

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