nothing matters, Yet Everything Matters

In this life I have realized that there are a lot of ways to live. I have experience this firsthand for myself because for many years I have lived like nothing matters, I would shove in my body whatever I deemed tasty, this had many layers obviously because it came from my parents, friends, tv, school, commercials, and the taste and smells themselves. This was no different with other things that I consumed, such as: Alcohol, Entertainment, Narratives, Beliefs, Ideologies, Pharmaceuticals, Products, Services, Porn, and practically anything else that exists. See, this human is super adaptable, and it can withstand so much, and be used in so many ways. One of the counterintuitive things is that a person drinking Coca Cola, smoking a pack of cigarettes, and living off fried foods each day, can at times live longer than a so called “healthy” person. It doesn’t really matter what you do, this human can somehow adapt to most things, unless of course it’s totally unmanageable, such as eating poison or inflicting life threatening wounds on yourself, or something like this.

Don’t get mistaken though, because many people will automatically assume unmanageable things as physical, but poison can come from inside the mind too, and this is actually the more common cocktail, and leads to a slower more painful downfall. How you keep yourself internally is critical, and yet most have very little practice training in that domain. They hold grudges, resentment, non-forgiveness, anger, and are constantly in the state of worry, anxiety, panic, and stress, which are all just as deadly in the long run as some major physical wounds.

If you are okay with living from the average baseline then continue on as if nothing matters, just follow society and you’ll live a decent life, especially in this day and age where survival is much easier than in the past, and distractions are endless, and will allow you to forget most of your self inflected wounds.

It is only when you become ready at your own time, that you will get to a point where you start paying attention to fine details, and that’s when everything starts to matter. This is not to say you now become some neurotic psycho not leaving your house because everything just becomes too much, that’s a mind disease. What I am saying here, is that when you start shining the light of awareness on the human you are inhabiting, you will see that what you consume (not just food) is vital to your mind and body. Your body will change when you feed it things that allow it to run at its highest level, and your mind will also change when you no longer consume the low conscious distractions that you feed it with. This all just starts with the power of awareness, not a forceful doing.

The more you want to expand, the more everything matters, and that is precisely why most people don’t take this journey. Who wants to change what they eat? The entertainment they choose? The products and services they support? The way they do business? The people they hangout with? All this is way more work, uncomfortable, and many people are already too busy stuck living in the rat race, or just struggling to get by in a system that is rigged in others favour. This is not an excuse though, because whatever point in life you are at in this moment, you can make the decision to expand a little. If you take one step, then another, and so on, you will one day surprise yourself of the person you have become.

This is not a diet, this is not a quick fix, this is a conscious decision to do your best at each moment without persecution if you have failed to meet the mark. If that happens, get up and try again, and again, and again, because each day starts by waking if your one of the lucky ones.

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