Here is a little perspective switch that you can play around with—when you see a person
walking by you, or when you’re with a friend, or at work—imagine that the physical body of the
other people are just avatars and that something more fundamental is inhabiting those avatars.

The mind really gets hung up on the avatar (outer shell) itself and the actions done by it, but
today just try and focus on this other view. Connect the being inside your physical shell with
theirs by not identifying with all your mind activity, such as; the labels, the judgments, or any
other additions it tries to impose on them.

Once you can touch what you are fundamentally yourself, it will be easier to see others in that
same way. If you’re always just living from your mind entity, then these types of perspective
switches will not be possible.

Don’t just assume that your current perspective is the most valid one, practice using different
perspectives and see what can be discovered.

Be Human, Not a Zombie: A Guide to Finding Your Fundamental Nature
by Pawel Wegrzyn – Page 155

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