As this is a happening for every life form, it is interesting to observe this phenomenon within you and around you. The cool thing with physical life is that it’s a duality and with that, it gives us the ability to not only shine awareness on our life, but also the lives of others. This can teach you so much because you can have a view from within and without on any particular matter that interests you. Obviously, that only works well if you aren’t just distracted by the mind because only then your perception on life isn’t clouded by how you think things are, and instead you see how they actually are. This is a great super power that is very underutilized.

When you observe aging in this way, particularly shine light on the mind and body, you can learn some valuable lessons. One of those lessons is the lack of wanting newness and change as you age, another is reliving in past experiences over and over again, rather then enjoying the experiences that are presented to you at this current moment. I’m sure you’ve had plenty of moments when certain people repeat stories to you on sort of a loop, without realizing that they already have told you this thing a gazillion times. You do it too of course, if you think it or not, I can bet there are plenty of people tired of your repetition as well.

We love to carry the past and keep bringing it forward, but because of this our future becomes once again similar to what was experienced in the past, since we cannot drop this identity we carry. Change happens when you can take on a moment from a sort of clean slate.

Example – If in the past you hold the story that you are scared of rollercoasters, then there is a very great chance that if an experience happens when you are confronted with the opportunity to ride a rollercoaster, you will most likely pass on it. Before you defend yourself on the multitude reasons of why you cannot ride rollercoasters, notice how your past was brought forth to this new experience. Btw, this doesn’t mean you have to go ride a rollercoaster when they make you sick, and never learn from the past. I’m just saying that carrying the past, is a great way of stopping yourself (life) from expanding and helps to age you real quick.

You are so much more then just a few of the best or worst stories you keep retelling to yourself and other people. It’s fantastic to share them occasionally, but it is a huge trap when you cannot allow life to carry on with all the new possibilities and experiences your being wants to have because you’ve cemented some statue of yourself and drag it behind you to every new place that you go. If you still need a statue, at least place it in a spot of your choosing and visit it only so often because there is a lot of life to be lived still, whatever your age is currently, and it will be much more enjoyable when you can take it on with a freshness. And if you’ve forgotten how that feels, go hangout with some kids.

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