If you never have the direct experience for yourself that you aren’t just a body, then you will always be consumed with the body in some way. Either, you will spend your time obsessing how awesome it is, or how awful it is. This is the same obsession just a different polarity.

The body is a beautiful thing, but it will always be a limitation no matter how you choose to sculpt it. It does need care though or else it will be more of a hindrance throughout your life, then a vessel that allows you to experience this vast physical existence in the most enjoyable ways.

I can tell you that even with my experience of being paid to be an athlete for most of my life, it was still much the same. It was always a battle of trying to get fitter or feel some particular way, and there was never a time I would be fully satisfied with my body. There is always more to be done. You can see this in every domain, even yoga. People doing horrendous things to their body in the name of spirituality.

This is why it’s so important to go deeper and touch the fundamental, otherwise you will be consumed with the body and never realize that there is more to You. When this realization occurs, you start to be amazed by the body, and tend to want to nourish it with living food, connection, love, but you will also realize that it’s just another form, just as beautiful and temporary as a flower, a tree, a star. You also wont obsess about other bodies, because when you obsess with yours, it’s reflected on others too.

Hence our obsession on celebrities and staying young forever. Forms age and die, this includes the body, so you might want to take some time to discover what it is that you are beyond it. While you are at it though, try not to fall into the next trap and that is believing you are what the mind says you are.

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