Lettuce Learn

Over the last few years, I have been fortunate to spend a lot of my day hanging out and observing plants. This is because I am in charge of running a hydroponic setup at a university.

By getting to be with these little plant creatures many hours a day, I get schooled.

I also have a university degree as well, and I learned some stuff by that process, but what these little plant babies and mature plants give me is something amazing, its life lessons. Usually, we don’t see these lessons because we are too caught up in our own challenges and obsessions at the moment, but if you can leave those things a side for a sec, and just be with life, it can help remind you of YOURSELF.

One of the most beautiful things you can notice when observing all sorts of plants, is that every plant grows from the center, out. Meaning, life starts from one and divides outwardly.  The outside is part of the center, and the center is part of the outside. This is true with plants and with the human you are currently occupying as well. 

When you see this for yourself, you can have a realization that there is a center to YOU, this is a center that you can witness, but it needs to be a direct experience. What most people cannot see, is that they spend their entire life in the outer layers and not the center, because they live in their mind, which is just a breakaway layer as well. There is nothing wrong with that obviously, and it’s fun there. But, if you don’t touch the center, you will always be disconnected and feeling that a part(s) of you are missing. You will then live your life in the pursuit to find your WHOLENESS through parts, and this is an impossible endeavor. This can be seen in the way humans do everything, we cure symptoms and not get to the source.

Since you are playing around in the outer layers because that’s what you enjoy, it might be valuable to learn from the challenges that plants face, so lettuce learn.

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