Control is not a bad thing, nor is losing it.

It’s great to experience both, actually. Yet, for many people they have a real hard time when they aren’t in control. They have become promised by their own mind that losing control is negative, and then they live in a fearful prison their mind has propped up for them with the promise that they will be safer.

In some cases this is true, because you will just limit all the experiences that aren’t “safe”, but living in control is a deception, and no matter what kind of safety ideology you convince yourself of, that same thinking can lead to your demise. Neurosis is a poison, so careful how much you consume.

I’ve been fortunate to be dumb enough to lose control a lot of times in my life.

Putting yourself in situations where you aren’t in control is a life changer, because in those situations you are befriending the unknown. And it’s a hell of a friendship if you are brave enough to hangout + what kind of life will you be experiencing if you are always trying to make it go your way? As if you know the best way.

Kids love to lose control if you ever observe them. Especially ones that weren’t brainwashed by their parents yet on what they can or cannot do. They will climb things without haven’t a clue how they will get down, they will twirl till they are so messed up, they will run on the street to get a ball that went out of play without even looking. Consequences come second in their world. Obviously, as you grow it’s nice to have the ability to use your intellect to help navigate in a smarter fashion, but if you aren’t conscious, that same intellect can start diminishing the spark to life.

Ask yourself how comfortable are you of losing control?
Some people have almost zero ability in this domain, and this will lead to a shit load of suffering and a very limited experience here on planet earth.

Use control, but careful because you might one day discover that you are the controlled, and not the controller.

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