Have you witnessed these debates?

This is super prevalent in sports, but can be seen practically in every field. We humans love to take some side and give all kind of cherry picked statistics on why something or someone is the best. This can be a fun and engaging game to play sometimes, and for sure, one has to admit that certain people do some remarkable things that seem to be impossible to replicate for a long time.

The thing is that this has become an obsession, especially in sports, and is quite comical of the amount of time that is spent on establishing who is the GOAT. Like, as if this can even be figured out, since time doesn’t stop, and things and people are constantly evolving. And this is without mentioning that it’s all subjective.

If you spend your entire life living in the outwardly dimension, then your mind will always have you occupied in trying to figure out such things, like; who is the prettiest? what car is the best? which country is the greatest? what food is the tastiest? and which athlete is the greatest of all time?

There are people who spend their entire life missing out on the beautiful variety that this experience is, because they get so fixated on maintaining their position that something or someone is better than the rest. This is true if you believe it for yourself, because you just convince yourself by your own logic. In reality though, a lion isn’t better than a squirrel. Both are equally cool. If you decide to compare them, then a lion is super bad at hopping from tree to tree, and a squirrel sucks real bad at roaring. If you judge them by size, then you can say a lion is better as its bigger, but something bigger isn’t always better. I’m sure you’d like to interject here and say, but how about comparing two similar things? Like athletes. Still, in this scenario it’s the same, because whatever parameter you choose to focus on, they will never be fully agreed upon, as nobody is identical copies, and not everyone focuses on the same sets of parameters to establish greatness.

Basically what I am saying, is have fun playing intellectual gymnastics with yourself and other people, but also realize that it’s possible to witness life from another standpoint, and that is that it’s impossible to come up with concrete evidence that anything is the GOAT, even the religion that you have chosen to follow.

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