Life Value

Try to realize today in your own experience that all life is valuable. It is only foolish humans that inflate themselves as if human life has the most worth.

Yes of course, a human is one of the most complex creatures out there, but because of this complexity, it can also get so disconnected from reality, that it starts acting like it’s something separate from life and way superior. The only way a human is superior is when it realizes the enormous possibilities that it has been given. By enormous possibilities I don’t mean becoming a president, an A-list celebrity, or a billionaire. There is nothing wrong with these things per say, but from my observations these super “successful” humans are just doing what the rest of the world is doing, and that is just building themselves up, but on a larger scale of course.

The human is different from other creatures because it has the ability to see outside of itself and therefore see all the shenanigans it partakes in. Because of this ability, it can level up. Not by buying it self a giant yacht. Seems like a fun time, though. If you have one, can I come on board? 😛
By leveling up, I just mean seeing things more clearly. One of these ways is observing other creatures and realizing that life for them is just as valuable as it is for you. You just think your stuff is more important because it’s ‘your’ life. Your family, your business, your things, your body, what is all this? It’s all just you making a big deal about some aspects of life, while neglecting the rest. The main culprit is your, remove this, and there is family, business, things, a body, and whatever else life has to offer.

This is not a plea to remove yourself from life, play fully, but at the same time just expand your understanding of Who You Are, because for many it has been sliced up, and when you slice life into pieces, you are then just making some life valuable, and that is a delusion.

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