Why is revenge just an egoic way of trying to gain back false power? When you execute your
revenge tactics on the person or persons who hurt you, sure, your mind will tell you that you
got even, but as you probably have noticed, your mind is a liar a lot of the time, and that is
definitely the case here.

The reason revenge never works out is because the person who you seek vengeance on is
unconscious, otherwise they would not have done what they have done, and now you decide to
turn unconscious to do a similar act.

If you are fully conscious, you are connected with everyone and you realize, no matter how
idiotic a person may act, they are still the same thing as you, and therefore you sinking to
unconsciousness again just doesn’t make sense.

If you want growth and self-mastery, you have to be able to accept that many people in this
world are still very unconscious and if you act like an asshole to others based on what others do
to you, then we’ll continue to have the same type of world that we are living in today—a world
filled with zombies, acting like assholes to not only humans, but to all types of living creatures.

Also, you have to notice that you seek revenge because you feel like someone has taken
something from you or hurt you, but that is just what your mind-made self makes you believe.
Nobody can take anything away from you ever. Yes, they can take physical objects, but those
are all just attachments and not really yours anyway

Be Human, Not a Zombie: A Guide to Finding Your Fundamental Nature
by Pawel Wegrzyn – Page 168

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