Common Narrative

Try to notice today in your own direct experience that society tries to get you to buy the common narrative, whatever that might be in the current moment. People especially love to convince others of their new adapted world view in order to justify to themselves that they are on some right track in life. If many go in the same direction, it is much easier to believe it’s the right path, as if that even exists. All paths are fine as long as you don’t mind facing the situations that they will bring.

It is true that in order for big change to occur in our world, usually, mass groups of people need to get on board on some topic. Hence the constant push by groups to get you to subscribe in their cause. Climate change, nutrition, religion, social justice, gender wars, etc. There is nothing bad about joining a cause if that is your thing, but there is something off when, you the individual, now blindly take the common narrative in the group that you are part off, and beat others with it. This is a disease, a mind virus that you have been infected with, and you go unconsciously trying to infect others with.

The coolest part of life is that we each are a piece in this physical experience, and because of this we each see things from a little bit of a different perspective, and this is very valuable. If you aren’t fooled by your mind that you must try and fit in, then you will nurture this special gift that was given, this unique view, and even when all sorts of zombies get together and try to overpower you with their narrative, you wont just blindly subscribe to even the most noble of causes.

You belong here on earth because you are different, otherwise what the hell is the point of you?
Think about it. If all snowflakes or ants are different, then humans have to be as well. If you are just the same as another, then life wouldn’t create you, only humans who have the ability to manipulate what is already there would. Basically, life gives us Lego, and humans have the ability to play with this Lego, to build all sorts of complex structures with it. Sometimes we group them by colours. We group red Lego with red Lego, black with black, and go on conquests to dominate the other colours pretending that some are better than others, often times even within the same colours, as red isn’t always the same tint as the other red, or one red is bigger than another red.

All I am trying to say here is that you are dangerous by being uncommon because it is then when you realize that everyone is too. This is the power of creativity.

And for practical terms. Whatever your pursuit here on planet earth is; music, sports, writing, love, make sure its infused with your uncommonness, rather than just following a recipe card that other humans have tricked you into believing is the best one. By all means use it for help, but don’t let it dim your sparkle, and more importantly don’t trick others as if your recipe is the ultimate one as well.

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