Here is a little perspective switch that you can play around with—when you see a personwalking by you, or when you’re with a friend, or at work—imagine that the physical body of theother people are just avatars and that something more fundamental is inhabiting those avatars. The mind really gets hung up on the avatar … More Avatar

BE Weird its FUN

To quote the Joker – “Why so serious?” Being serious will keep you from enjoying life and that’s just a shame. Life is so playful but when you are serious, you become rigid and unwilling to play with life and therefore it doesn’t play with you back. Embracing your weirdness will get you back on … More BE Weird its FUN

What is Real?

From a very mental standpoint the question of what is real might seem absurd to many people, because it’s easy to say to oneself that obviously what you SEE right in front of you is what is real. Have you ever taken the time to investigate this theory though? It may appear that what is … More What is Real?

The Big Picture is HIDDEN when operating in a self (Me Mode)

Seeing BIG isn’t possible if you are stuck in a self. For the majority of people living on this planet, the common view for the entirety of life is seen through a self (a mind constructed entity) that they believe that they are, and even if they believe that they are something more, no direct … More The Big Picture is HIDDEN when operating in a self (Me Mode)