Don’t OBEY! Morality is a man made construct.

Almost as soon as one comes out of the womb, there is already adults standing by to tell you the rules of how this life works and must be lived.  First, you are told not to cry because no adult likes a cry baby, then you are told what you should and shouldn’t do because life is full of dangers, and then finally, you are explained to what is right and wrong because how else will you be able to be a fully functioning and successful member of this society?

Although this all seems as if it is the best way to develop a child and keep this world thriving, it may actually be the most limiting way to experience this existence and expand human consciousness.

This post might stir up some emotions in you, since many people believe that if rules and right and wrong would not exist, then all chaos would break loose in this world. The question is, is that really the case? and if that is your belief, then I ask you, have you ever questioned your beliefs and contemplated morality from a deeper level?

When one starts looking within and starts going beyond the self, this issue of morality becomes absurd, and that is because without mind created selves, reality just exists how it exists and that is all.  It is only when this notion of the self comes into play that this moral dilemma is experienced.

The real issue in life is that the primary state of humanity is in a very low state of consciousness and therefore the majority of society is stuck in the self, and from that level everyone is just trying to survive.  If all the selves are just trying to survive, and not expand to the highest depths of consciousness, then morality needs to be created in order for the selves not to kill each other.

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The thing is that even though most people aren’t consciously aware always but expansion is what they are seeking, not just mere survival.  Otherwise we would just be another animal.

If you ever have heard about or seen Maslow’s Triangle on The Hierarchy of Needs, you will see that survival is on the most lowest tier of the triangle and expansion only happens when you start going higher.  If you’re okay with just eating, sleeping, and procreating (surviving) then by all means just continue, but if you want expansion then it might be time to start looking within and starting to question topics such as morality in a deeper way.

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