The Human

Have you noticed yet that The Human comes in many shapes, sizes, colours, and with
many other distinguishing traits all as unique as a single snowflake?

This, of course, could only really be experienced if you actually take the time to observe life as it is rather then always adding your extras to it. Your Human is no different btw,
it’s unique and as cool as all the other ones – WOOHOO!! The thing is though that since you are so attached to Your Human, that means that you cannot see that all the other ones are just as special. How could you when your survival is on the line, the mind will do anything to convince you that Your Human is at least above some other ones,
especially at least than the ones that look and act a lot different.

There are other things we can say about The Human.
Some of them are:

Its basic needs must be met to survive
It’s grown through nature
It’s an earth vehicle
It’s bound to the physical

And my favourite of all:

This Human that you think that you are is Not Really You


I don’t mean this in some belief like sense, I mean that if you do some investigating to
the very depths of Who/What you are, you can experience first hand that The Human is
Not You and it’s only the mind that tricks you that it is you.

This can be experienced and it’s not some woo woo type thing, it’s the Truth. But since
most of the world is still stuck in this trap of believing that Their Human is them, you then believe that Your Human is you.

What this means is that the association that you have to Your Human is false, but it’s so cleverly disguised by your mind that it seems like its impossible to be any other way!! I’m not here to try to convince you either, I’m just stating the Truth that has been known for 1000’s of years, yet many people have no interest in investigating into this matter because obviously, it isn’t a common thing that is being done in our society.

Once this Truth about The Human can be seen, then living once again totally attached to The Human isn’t a problem.  It’s only when you believe that this is you that you suffer way beyond what is necessary.  You also live your life totally in delusion, since you believe something that isn’t true.  You live a lie, and a lie isn’t the Truth even if the majority is convinced that this is so.

If you want to figure this out for yourself check out my book – Be Human, Not a Zombie: A Guide to Finding Your Fundamental Nature – as it is a guide to get you to see Truth.  Or you can read countless other books that have said this time and time again.

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