The Big Picture is HIDDEN when operating in a self (Me Mode)

Seeing BIG isn’t possible if you are stuck in a self.

For the majority of people living on this planet, the common view for the entirety of life is seen through a self (a mind constructed entity) that they believe that they are, and even if they believe that they are something more, no direct experience is ever touched.  When this is the case, a person’s view of each experience will be a self experience, rather than just experience it self.

If you are living in a self experience reality, then each moment will be perceived by you as if it’s happening to a you, rather then just happening.  If all of your time is consumed by being in this self view (Me mode) as I like to call it, then how can you view the world from a BIGGER picture? You can’t, because all that will be seen by you is how reality is treating the you.  To see BIG, one must drop the self and become experience.

When experience it self is experienced without a self, there is no need for reality to be a certain way anymore, and therefore the view can be of the total reality rather then just a fragmented piece one usually sees from when consumed in a self.

Example…Think of a pizza that’s been cut into slices (lets say 8 of them for visualization purposes)

-The whole pizza is reality in it’s totality and you are ultimately all of it.
The mind constructed you, the self (me mode) is the border that has been created when your slice was cut out.
-Most of humanity lives as if they are their individual slice of pizza their entire life and they don’t realize that they are the whole pizza.
-Seeing the BIGGER picture means joining back your slice and becoming the entire pizza once again.

This BIGGER view is a perspective that can be utilized by all humans and is very beneficial if you are seeking peace in life and the ability to observe existence in it’s raw essence, rather then just being engulfed by just the self aspect of it.  You will be able to come back to the self and this happens automatically usually, but now you will also be able to go beyond the self when that view is needed.

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